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£37.44 Ex Vat | £44.93 Inc Vat

Product Code: KIT-SER-0301

Parry 30 Litre Gas Water Boiler (110 Cup)

Description: This large sized 30 litre water boiler will provide access to piping hot water, if filled to the maximum line this boiler will take approximately 65 minutes to bring the water to the boil. This 30L manual fill gas water boiler is the perfect solution for outdoor catering events, from food trailers to stalls at fetes and Christmas markets. Simply connect the appliance to a propane gas cylinder for a supply of boiling hot water wherever, whenever you need. It has a robust, easy clean stainless steel construction. Don't forget to hire a Gas Bottle if required, or you can supply your own - just ensure it is propane gas (the orange bottle).


Ex Vat: £37.44

Inc Vat: £44.93

Quantity Per Pack: 1

*Prices are per unit


Dimensions (cm): H: 60.00cm, W: 37.00cm D: 49.00cm

Dimensions (inch): H: 23.6", W: 14.6" D: 19.3"

Weight: 23.00Kg

Replacement Cost: £646.25 + VAT

Delivery Avaliable? Yes

Pickup Avaliable? Yes

Cleaning Charge:

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