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£47.41 Ex Vat | £56.89 Inc Vat

Product Code: KIT-COO-4011

Parry Electric Single Fryer 9 Litre

Description: Our single deep fat fryer is a kitchen appliance which comes with a single oil tank and one basket used for deep frying food by submerging it into oil at high heat, typically between temperatures of 350 to 375 °F (177 to 191 °C). The fryer is an extremely popular kitchen appliance designed for use with our 1.8m Stainless Steel table or on a countertop and used in many food service establishments. It is designed to cook foods such as chicken, fish, breaded vegetables, specialized pastries, and of course, the classic French-fried potato. Lower the basket gently into the oil and never overload with food. Keep water away from fryers containing hot oil e.g. wet food or pots on stoves. You need to remove oil from the deep fryer after each use, strain it and store it correctly until the next time. Oils should be changed after eight to ten uses. Please note the fryer must be emptied of oil upon collection by our drivers, regardless or whether the fryer is due to be sent back clean or dirty. This fryer is a powerful 3.1kW appliance and should only be plugged into and individual power socket, it should not be used in conjunction with an extension lead or any sort of plug adaptor.


Ex Vat: £47.41

Inc Vat: £56.89

Quantity Per Pack: 1

*Prices are per unit


Dimensions (cm): H: 45.00cm, W: 30.00cm D: 60.00cm

Dimensions (inch): H: 17.7", W: 11.8" D: 23.6"

Weight: 17.00Kg

Replacement Cost: £655.65 + VAT

Delivery Avaliable? Yes

Pickup Avaliable? Yes

Cleaning Charge:

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