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Product Code: GLA-SPE-0003

Elgin 1oz Liqueur Glass

Description: A finely shaped liqueur glass which enhances the taste and aromas of many liqueurs, wines & spirits, they contain a smaller amount of liquid and are typically taken as a shot or sipped. With the aperitif being served before a meal and the digestif served after. They are machine made glasses that are both versatile and practical as well as being strong and durable for everyday use or for any special event.


Ex Vat: £0.21

Inc Vat: £0.25

Quantity Per Pack: 1

*Prices are per unit


Dimensions (cm): H: 9.00cm, W: 4.00cm D: 4.00cm

Dimensions (inch): H: 3.5", W: 1.6" D: 1.6"

Weight: 0.05Kg

Replacement Cost: £1.88 + VAT

Delivery Avaliable? Yes

Pickup Avaliable? Yes

Cleaning Charge: 1GLA

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