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Product Code: GLA-COC-0022

Imperial Gin Goblet 22.7oz

Description: The Imperial design is a single piece glass with a simple but classic bowl shape and a pulled slender stem. The glasses one piece construction means it is stronger and more durable. Originating in the Basque region in Spain, Copa de Balon glasses or balloon gin glasses are one of the most authentic ways to serve a crisp gin and tonic. Favoured by gin lovers, the large, bulbous bowl lets the gin breathe and allows all the aromas of the gin’s botanicals up your nose while you drink, but leaves ample room for ice and garnishes such as lime, lemon, cucumber, or even sprigs of fresh herbs.


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Dimensions (cm): H: 20.00cm, W: 10.10cm D: 9.60cm

Dimensions (inch): H: 7.9", W: 4.0" D: 3.8"

Weight: 0.31Kg

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