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Product Code: GLA-COC-0002

V Shaped 5oz Martini Cocktail Glass

Description: A dainty Martini glass which has a unique conical shape up top. It has a luxurious aesthetic design, but this began as a way to improve the flavour, not the appearance. Like coupes and cocktail glasses, the martini glass' long stem allows the liquid to stay colder for longer, additionally, its V-shaped bowl with a widened brim exposes a greater portion of the liquid to oxygen, which allows the spirits to breathe and become aromatic. Its shape also helps a toothpick of olives to stand up rather than fall to the bottom. Ideal for serving a Martini or other cocktail at both formal and informal parties. This glass holds 5oz / 145ml and is dishwasher safe.


Ex Vat: £0.46

Inc Vat: £0.55

Quantity Per Pack: 1

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Dimensions (cm): H: 13.50cm, W: 10.50cm D: 10.50cm

Dimensions (inch): H: 5.3", W: 4.1" D: 4.1"

Weight: 0.15Kg

Replacement Cost: £3.41 + VAT

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Cleaning Charge: 1GLA

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