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£0.43 Ex Vat | £0.52 Inc Vat

Product Code: GLA-ACC-1001

Banana Split Boat

Description: A glass dish to serve up ice cream treats in banana split boats to give customers an easy way to carry their desserts. A banana split dish is shaped to provide enough room for a banana cut length ways, several scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, and additional toppings. The glass dish features an artistic pattern within the glass, making it appealing to the eye.


Ex Vat: £0.43

Inc Vat: £0.52

Quantity Per Pack: 1

*Prices are per unit


Dimensions (cm): H: 3.00cm, W: 20.50cm D: 13.00cm

Dimensions (inch): H: 1.2", W: 8.1" D: 5.1"

Weight: 0.27Kg

Replacement Cost: £2.96 + VAT

Delivery Avaliable? Yes

Pickup Avaliable? Yes

Cleaning Charge: 2GLA

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