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£1.01 Ex Vat | £1.21 Inc Vat

Product Code: CRO-ORI-1122

Orion White Oval Eared Dish 12"

Description: This 12" Oval Eared Dish is made from crockery and is paired with our Orion range. This dish is commonly used as a serving dish for serving hot dinner accompaniments such as vegetables and potatoes, and is suitable to be used for cooking in the oven or microwave.


Ex Vat: £1.01

Inc Vat: £1.21

Quantity Per Pack: 5

*Prices are per unit


Dimensions (cm): H: 6.00cm, W: 31.00cm D: 17.00cm

Dimensions (inch): H: 2.4", W: 12.2" D: 6.7"

Weight: 0.82Kg

Replacement Cost: £3.27 + VAT

Delivery Avaliable? Yes

Pickup Avaliable? Yes

Cleaning Charge: 2CRO

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